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Then be challenged to believe in the promise Jesus gives that he will come again. This is a group of Christmas sketches that has been used for Christmas but could be used at any point throughout the year. Summary : Joe and his wife Marilyn have to travel across several States to get to a new job that Joe desperately needs after having been long-term unemployed. Their present-day story is paralleled by the journey of Joseph and Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem. To download this script, click here. Summary : Sheriff Goody, J.

Follow the antics of our plastic and plush toy friends as they try to rescue Christmas. A royalty payment is requested for this script. To read the 1st Act free of charge, click here. The audience can compare for themselves the emptiness of Christmas without the vital ingredients.

Note: This script contains quite a bit of Australian slang. If you need a translation, to fit the script to your own circumstances, don't hesitate to contact the author. Summary : Our Sunday school teachers were discussing how to have a nativity play which included the Wise Men given it is generally assumed the magi weren't there at the actual birth.

I piped up with the idea of "Where were you when it happened" style interviewing and the final result is this Special News Report script. Possibly there is something similar out there but I hadn't found this web site or anything similar until after the fact. The play is introduced with an audio-visual component which highlights our own contemporary society and some of its ideas about Christmas.

It then flows into on-stage interviews with the people who were actually there, encouraging us to think about what Christmas really is all about. There's not a heavy emphasis on the Christmas story details, rather a focus on those who participated and their perception of events, trying to get the audience to internalise and relate to the ideas. It finishes with a final simple audio-visual component challenging the audience to experience Christmas the way it was originally - all about Jesus.

I used Windows Movie Maker to put the video bits together. Inadvertently it was also a great way to incorporate the older kids who were getting too cool to participate in the "little kid's" play. They loved doing the "television" stuff. We also used songs at points I've marked in the script. I haven't included the music details. You could use anything you like in those spots. Summary : These letters are being written by Mary and Joseph. The words in parentheses are them talking to themselves as they write. Duration : 8min Actors : 1M, 1F.

Summary : Bible characters come on stage in ones and twos and line up across the stage. At the conclusion all characters hear the baby Jesus cry and turn to look. Summary : William Green had the perfect gift for his mother. It was wrapped and ready to go under the tree until a mugging. Stranded in town without any money or phone, William finds a friend in Joseph Fritz, a charity bell ringer, who shows him the story of Jesus from birth to death, and death to eternal life. In the end, William realizes that there is only one thing perfect, and he gave us "The Perfect Gift".

Summary : A reporter who struggles to believe in God because of hurts in his life gets some help from a neighbour and a special visitor. Duration : 20min? Summary : Newspaper editor Sam is having a hard time finding a story, but with the help from an unexpected visitor she is able to find the true meaning of Christmas. Eventually they get round to realising what they are really celebrating. Style: Drama. Summary : When Emily's four friends stop by the house at Christmastime, Emily is in the middle of putting up the family's nativity.

As she unpacks each piece she begins to explain the significance of the individual pieces, and the story then comes to life as we visit Mary and Joseph, shepherds and the wisemen. The children come to understand how the nativity points to the wonderful reality that Jesus Christ came to this earth to save them from their sins. Summary: "Christmas Rapping" is a children's play suitable for Christmas. The birth of Jesus is depicted as if he were born today in a typical town or community. Raps and an unusual version of "Silent Night" make this an unusual and humorous play that at the same time causes the audience to focus anew upon the birth of Jesus.

Style: Lighhearted. Duration: 15min Actors: C. In traditional pantomime style. Our team want to mount a Nativity play, but the dastardly Natas and his crew are setting out to try and wreck it. To read the full script, click here. Duration : approx 40 minutes Actors : 12 Male cast members, 5 female and 4 male or female ones plus extras. School, homework, feeding the horses, grooming, and cleaning stalls were all a part of their daily routine, until one day they stumbled on a discovery that would change everything.

Ed around until one day just before Christmas the children discover that Mr. Actors : 1M, 11C Characters: Mr. To read the script, and find out how to order the music, click here. The concept takes the audience through the Biblical accounts of the birth of Christ, using the traditional King James accounts from Luke and Matthew. This musical is an easy to perform production that does not require any special set or backdrop. The music is more traditional in nature while being easy to perform. There are musical interludes that form a sound backdrop to the narration.

Other than the 5 speaking parts there are no acting or other narration parts. Duration : approx. To read the script and find out how to order the music, click here. Summary : Continuing the journey of the Wise Men towards their appointment with the baby Messiah. Click here for the words. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Summary : The cast of a church production of the Nativity play are in the throes of rehearsal. In the first scene, semi chaos reigns. In the second scene, as the cast perform for real, there is a completely different atmosphere.

Summary : In this musical, the actors and actresses will never have rehearsed, will not know their lines, and will be chosen the day of the performance!! The story of Jesus is told by an adult who is the travel "guide" on the story's path. As the story develops, the guide calls on unsuspecting "volunteers" to come up and take on the various roles of the characters in the story - providing hilarious but inspiring results! Throughout the story the children sing easy-to-learn, fun songs.

Note : The full script, plus CDs with music tracks, can be obtained from www. Summary : The three Wexler children are mad. Mad because mom is making them go to Christmas Eve service, because grandma insists. So when the three go to the hall closet to get their coats and find a pine branch sticking out from the garments, their curiosity gets the best of them and into closet they go, only to stumble into a strange and magical land.

Here they meet Diego, a very impatient angel who will accompany them on a strange and wonderful mission to the town of Bethlehem, and to the place where Christmas was born.

Keywords : Christmas, Narnia, magic land Style : Dramatix. Summary : Horace and Rachael have been partners for almost 11 years, but Horace shies away from marriage, just as he shies away from attempts by his cousin to tell him the real story of Christmas. Keywords : Commitment, Style : Drama. Duration : 10min Actors : 1M, 1F. Summary : When her children approach her with their "Christmas Lists", the mother decides it's time for a good heart-to-heart to help her kids know what Christmas is really about.

Duration : 12min Actors : 1F, 2C. Summary : Mary and Joseph trying to find a place to stay for the night. There is one room, though they don't get to stay in it - or know about it. The irony is that the room stays vacant all night while Jesus is born in the manger. Keywords: no room, Christmas, innkeeper, inn. Duration : 9min. Actors : 2M, 2F. Summary : Mother and daughter are wrapping a Christmas gift to a relative.

Duration : 5min Actors : 2F. Duration : 4min Actors : 1M, 1VO. Summary : The birth of Jesus set in modern day. What would happen if Jesus were born from a virgin, conceived thru an angel today? Duration : 7min Actors : F, 1M. Summary : Teens are riding in a car at night when an idiot light comes on. Duration : 5min Actors : 3M. Summary : One side of a phone conversation in which an angel is on line organising the first Christmas. Keywords : First Christmas, angels, heaven. Summary : Based loosely on Luke , this play gives a glimpse into the life of Stan, the epitome of the prodigal son's older brother, seen several years following his brother Chip's conversion to Christ.

Stan is the 'Scrooge of another kind,' boasting of his own generosity while accusing others of using their generosity to 'buy people off. Because of hidden hurts, he has become more concerned over keeping his precious family heirloom intact than with mending the broken relationships within his own family. Duration : 40min? They are unaware of what is about to take place.

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Their lives are about to change…. The main thrust of this play is evangelism and celebrating Christmas by reaching out to others as Christ did. The unique twist is the audience becomes part of the play at the end. Keywords: Christmas, outreach, mission Style: Drama. Duration: Approx. Keywords: Christmas, Screwtape, devils, deception, "reason for the season". Style: lighthearted. Along the way the children discover that Mary is going to give birth to Jesus, and by the time the trip is finished they will have come to understand that the trip they took would be the greatest experience of their lives, and would change their future forever!

Summary : How the Christmas story might read if written from a modern consumerism perspective. With apologies to Dr. Luke, who could not be contacted at time of publication. Copyright privileges are therefore waived. Similarities between this sketch and part of his work is entirely deliberate. Keywords : Christmas, consumerism.

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Summary: The inside story of Christmas, told by Mary as an older woman to doctor and historian Luke. Note: This play which can also be performed as a musical is based very carefully on the gospel narrative. It brings to life the personalities of Mary and Joseph, and the tensions of the times, rather than leaving them as Christmas card characters. Mary, new to the church asks questions that give us a unique view.

This is a skit within a skit and has very simple sets. Keywords : Nativity play, Christmas, Children. I hear from dozens of ministries around the world every year who utilize scripts made available through this site. I not only recommend this site for your drama needs, but encourage your prayers and financial support. Dramatix est. It will stay free, thanks to the kindness of authors who mostly provide scripts without requiring payment.

But growing popularity has brought increased running costs. To help keep Dramatix online, we would really appreciate a donation. Thank you. Designed by The Design Company Ltd. Main Menu. You are here: Home Scripts Since Christmas. Christmas and New Year. Slow News Day Christmas Monologues. Are Kings Still Born in Bethlehem? To download a copy of the script, click on the link below. Escape to Egypt. Tidings: A Christmas Field Play. Christmas Photograph. Silent Night, Holy Night.

Christmas From A Distance. Me, Special? Those Were The Coldest Nights. The Innkeeper's Dilemma. Nativity Script. A Simple Christmas Story. Christmas Eve Five Advent Monologues. Once Upon A Christmas. If He Had Not Come. The Christmas Prophets.

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Scrooge Meets Christmas. Responding To Jesus. The Nativity. Attachments: The Nativity. Camel's Christmas Play. Xmas Angels. To download a copy of this script, click on the link below: Attachments: Xmas Angels. Jasmine's Christmas Star. Duration : 1hour Actors : 12M, 3F, as many extras as desired Scripture reference : Matthew 2 To download the script, click on the link below.

The Birth Of Jesus Foretold. To download the script, click on the link below. Dateline: Bethlehem. Mary's Choice. Alien Visit At Christmas. The Well. Scripture reference : Luke , Matthew To download the script, click on the link below. It's All About The Baby. Unavailable This Christmas.

Mary Ponders. Silent Thoughts. The congregation expressed appreciation that the momentum of this season did not abruptly cease when the last carols were sung on Christmas Day. Note: For reasons of space, and because in the second Sunday of Christmas falls on Epiphany January 6 , RW did not include the plans for the seventh service in this series.

Soloists, duos, and trios sang different settings of the Magnificat. At times they sang the first stanza and the congregation. It takes two. Plenty of folks—nonbelievers and believers alike—ridicule the notion of a virgin birth. It makes no common sense. It is unscientific and anti-intellectual. At first I felt a little skeptical, like Sarah when the angel told Abraham she would have a baby. Wondered what on earth was going on. A girl of thirteen should answer back to an angel? I have to admit I was a bit proud of having been chosen by God for such a special task. Let it happen to me just as you say.

He had a message for me.

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Mother was more concerned with preparing dinner for the men. Bring the flour. My mother lives in disgrace. My father wants to know who the father is. Subscribers to RW may use the art above for bulletin covers. If your bulletin cover is 5. Again I told them about the angel. They called me blasphemous. How could I tell them that the Lord Almighty was responsible? Mary reacts to their harsh words and quickly exits down the center aisle. He laid more than eyes on her! She should be stoned! But it took more than voices to do that. She should be stoned. Used by permission.

For the original play, visit the website www. This is part of Dramatrix, a great resource for a variety of Christian plays and skits organized by category, theme, and Scripture reference: www. A pregnant teenager has every reason in the world to feel upset and confused. This is remarkable. And greatly troubling. God chose to use an ordinary teenager with very little claim to fame.

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Includes: 1. Bearing One Another's Burdens— Galatians , 2. Encouraging Good Works— Hebrews , 3. Accepting One Another— Romans , 4. Being Hospitable— 1 Peter , 5. Praying for One Another— James , 6.