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Will Elena cope with the cut-throat world of a beauty pageant filled with sabotage, violence and betrayal? If she makes it to London, will she find the safe haven she craves? Does she discover more than she'd expected after meeting the mysterious Jake Bloom? The Fractured is the first part of a spin off series based on the dystopian Blemished series, which will focus on some of the secondary characters and their stories.

Part one follows the life of Elena as she experiences a life changing event. Keywords: teen, fiction, dystopia, science fiction, novella, the blemished, romance, action, adventure, genetics, young adult.


The Blemished is about choice being taken away and women not having control over their bodies. In the Blemished it is the women who are sterilised, not the men, because that has always been typical to the way the world works. But I also wanted to write something entertaining that has you reading it with a torch at night. Throughout the series Mina and the gang get into lots of trouble, discover different ways of living and just how nasty human beings can be. I think it was just over two years ago. At first I tried to write a novel set on a different planet.

It went a bit wrong so I decided to give myself an easier ride, keeping just one thing from the original idea — superpowers.

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But at first Mina had the extraordinary sense of smell, not the telekinesis. It made the book a bit boring so I changed it! Maggie is about Mrs Murgatroyd from the first novel — The Blemished. J I wanted to write about her story in order to show her human side. In the reviews of The Blemished, Elena always seemed very popular, and I really liked her too.

I figured she deserved a story, and some romance. Ali is hands down my favourite character. In the third book we learn more about Ali. He has hidden depths. My favourite part of the series is writing little civilisations, like the Perthans. In The Blemished we have the Slum people who live in the Areas but outside the law. I decided to do it after getting a few rejections from agents. For me it was about timing, and going down the trade route could have taken too long.

The first few months were slow but the reviews were encouraging. You have to work out how much you want to spend on your marketing, and how much you need to spend on editing and cover art. Has it worked out well having beta readers help edit for you? Has there been much of a difference?

The Fractured: Elena

How many do you typically ask? I know some people go the beta route, others go editing. Betas are really important in my opinion. I usually ask two or three beta readers to read my book and send me their comments. In an ideal world I think a combination between beta reading and editing is best, but when you need to be frugal, betas are essential. Especially trusted writers. It can be hard to know what advice to take and what to dismiss, but you get used to trusting your instincts. But even professionally edited novels often have tiny mistakes in them so you have to learn to switch off that panic.

Bookbub is an email subscription service telling readers about kindle deals. They have thousands of sign-ups and you can pay them a fee to email their subscribers details about your discounted book. I was lucky enough to be picked by them and it really worked for me. At what point did you submit to Bookbub, and how long did it take to accept your book? I went to Bookbub in February.

I think they responded in a week. There might be some info on the site about how much notice to give them. To be honest, I feel as though I owe all my sales since February to Bookbub.

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Since then, even after putting the price of my book back to 2. I noticed you have a Wattpad account. Have you found it to be a useful tool? How have you used it?

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Actually, no! It seems more geared towards One Direction fan fiction! I know some people find it a great place to post their work, and I do like adding stories that were not good enough to sell. At least then someone gets to enjoy them. Your book covers are beautiful and so are the promotional materials you have posted on Facebook.

Who did you have do your covers? They look really well done.

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  • I have a go at image manipulation from time to time and experiment with covers and promo bits and bobs but Naj is the real talent. Have you found having the promotional banners to be helpful? What sort of promotional tools do you use? Do you primarily use the internet to promote your books, or have you done any book signings or other author events? Just the internet for me! Perhaps in the next year or so. Does having your own specialized website help promote your books? Did you create it yourself or hire someone to make it for you? I think my ambition is to be both trade and self published.

    Or another ideal would be to have a print deal and retain my ebook rights. Some of the authors who have had amazing success at self-publishing — Hugh Howey, Bella Andre — have done this. It would be amazing to walk into a supermarket and see your book on the shelves.

    I saw on goodreads you had a few short stories trade published congrats on getting into Apex, by the way. But at the same time I write in British spelling and set my books here, so that might actually work to my favour for a US audience. Most of my sales are in the US. I find my home country the hardest to sell to! I saw on your Amazon page that FeedARead is listed as your publisher. Can you tell us a little more about them and how they work, and if they have been useful to you?

    They pretty much offer the same service as Create Space but work as a smaller company. I went with Create Space for my second book so I could compare. One key factor is releasing more than one book. It does put a little bit of pressure on the turnaround time, but I work part time so have been able to handle it so far. I understand the novella bit. The episodes thing worked really well for Hugh Howey and Wool. On the topic of suggestions for self-publishing, was there anything you found particularly useful or not useful when you started promoting your books?

    Goodreads — excellent for finding reviewers and building up a good relationship with people enthusiastic about your books. I saw that you had advanced reader copies available for reviewers when you published the Vanished. Have you found ARCs to be useful in getting reviews?

    The Fractured: Blemished Novellas

    How early do reviewers like to have their copies to read? I got some advice from a publicist before I published my first book she was kind enough to stop by my blog and offer advice who suggested I send ARCs out about a month before the release. Sometimes people are right and sometimes they are very wrong. You have to learn who to listen to and who to ignore. When people begin to tell you their way is the right way alarm bells ring in my head. To find out more about her books, take a look at the links below. Tagged as author interview , dystopia , dystopian , genetics , novella , Sarah Dalton , SBibb , science fiction , self publish , self-publishing , Stephanie Bibb , Stephanie Flint , The Blemished , The Fractured: Maggie , ya , young adult.

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