Verschwörung gegen Baron Wildenstein (Tatort Mittelalter) (German Edition)

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On behalf of the Elfguard, I thank you. We cannot allow this to happen. Defeat Merk in the name of good! Merk did not stand a chance against a hero such as you. Excellent work, my friend! We just saw my old pal Captain Beizo headed to the traitor's base with a dozen of our best!

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If you see him When you come to a four-way intersection, keep going straight to find him. Tell Captain Kouma what you have found.

I miss him bitterly As soon as someone comes to relieve us of this prisoner No doubt they are delighted by Beizo's death. I would be in your debt if you robbed them of this perverse joy! They grow closer to defeat with your every move, my friend!

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Complete with: Kouma: "I just hate to think about those nutty dancing unarmed fools chipping away at a proud Ursan's battle gear. You made them pay for what they did to Beizo I thank you. Only those armor-cracking Brawlers have that sort of power Run out of Forest Haven on a rail Bring him down and make us all proud. Here's to you getting more information out of our prisoner Brom is in Chapter 4. Can be completed in any map that Brom Dandy appears in such as Quick Love. Very good. So it all comes down to the exiled aristocrat who calls himself the 'King of Hearts!

NPC Ending Message: Kouma: "Feels like I should be surprised when strange wicked giants with kingly aspirations decide to terrorize the countryside I'm sure you're not either. Can be completed in any map that the King of Hearts appears in such as Quick Love. Go there and find the necromancer called Vora. She is not Elfguard but she is a good person Indeed there are many things to do here. Mainly I need help with my ritual of 'Anima Scrye' I'm not getting outta here unless I make a deal.

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But you gotta do something for me first! If I survive this, I don't want any rivals Clean out those ranks for me and we'll talk. I see you're serious about this and I respect that. Gimme some timeto put my thoughts together and I'll tell you what you need to know So I want 'em back. Obviously the Rogue Enchantresses are the only ones who'd have any use for them This will fetch a good price at the vendor Just put the books down over there. We can talk whwnever you want Now claymore-carrying Rogues are out to get revenge on me! You mind sending those oversized-sword-swingers a message?

It takes a load off my mind to not be hunted by those Rogues Let me know when you want to talk. If only you would help me retrieve the sixty-four tomes of Strength, we could begin to rebuild. Oh blessed and noble creature, thank you from my heart of hearts. We may be able to rebuild our foundations of knowledge with your help!

To find out more, I'll need the two hundred fifty six Tomes of Courage. A heavy duty, three phase induction motor drives the pocket cutting spindle and is available in v, v or v. The TSM can produce more than a half a million pockets per month for years on end with minimal maintenance.

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The TSM is designed for continuous production environments where performance and durability are the benchmarks. It is built to run all day, every day, as fast as your Safety Guy will let you run it. Castle's Frame Assembly Table is a sturdy workstation for production face frame assembly. It is constructed of high-strength tubular and angle steel and provides a clean flex-free work surface. The low profile clamp beam is streamlined and uncluttered for ease of use. The super ridged, high precision beam is both light and strong.

Convenient screw tray is just inches away from the work at all times. This bit regularly lasts three to five times longer than other rough mills.

The geometry of this bit is engineered specifically for use with our machines and will deliver superior performance and very long life. The curved cutting edges and shallow helix allow it to shear as it cuts, using less force and producing less heat. Although this is a great general purpose bit, it won't last as long as either of our other router bits in composite materials. The B is the standard bit that ships with our Pocket Cutters. Safe - Will not cycle until material is inserted completely.

Dust Collection: Although not absolutely necessary, the TSM will function better with proper dust collection attached. A vent for this purpose has been provided. If attaching a dust collection system remove the cover plate over the vent opening in the back door. Adding dust collection will keep the router motors cool and free from a buildup of sawdust in order to prolong motor life.

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Adjustable Indexing Stops in top for face frame parts optional. Works in high pressure plastic laminate, particle board, MDF, melamine, and solid wood. Bottom rail is at a comfortable height of 32" to reduce operator fatigue. Smooth one-hand action of each cylinder allows for rapid positioning and clamping.