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But seldom does the bullied party ever feel pretty. Then Addison comes along, reveals that Ramsey is an elf, given to be raised by humans when she was a baby because of The Secret.

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Addison needs Ramsey to come home because her real sister, Zora, has been kidnapped and only Ramsey can find her. Then Ramsey, despite saying how heartbroken she is over the whole situation, abandons her human family, follows Addison into another world, then doesn't give them another thought. Cue the elf realm. Ramsey spends her time with Addison's family, flirting with the swoon-worthy Stellan, and generally being introduced to elf life. When she is away from these strangers that treat her with such reverence, she is exploring her family's old house.

She is checking out her sister's wardrobe and getting an idea of what Zora is like by reading a how-to-be-an-elf guide Zora wrote and left especially for her. Oh, it turns out that her family is also really really rich. And the town is super-friendly, and all these cute elf guys work in shops, and such nice jewelry and books for her to peruse at her leisure - where's the urgency? Ramsey's sister has been kidnapped by violent elemental fairies? She could be getting tortured as we speak?!

Likewise, I was appalled with Addison and Stellan - they were both close to Zora in their own way. Why aren't they doing something? Why aren't they pushing this so-called saviour to go and actually save her sister? It's not just the content that keeps things slow - the writing is It hits pause so many times to analyse and assess one particular point or another. It's almost like Grabo is scared someone's going to come along and start pointing out plotholes with a neon finger, so she completely overdoes tying up every last little loose end.

I find it very frustrating when someone creates a world and then has to show you every last inch of it, you have to trust readers to understand the world before them. So why 2 stars, instead of 1? Ok, I'll admit that the world Grabo has created is very imaginative, and caught my interest. Apr 30, Lucinda rated it it was amazing. Within a magical realm of wonder lies a deftly woven, multifarious mystery just waiting to be explored! In a land of myth, and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young Elf.

Her name is…Ramsey. Plunging into a darkly mesmeric world of sweeping imaginative concepts and awe-inspiring vision, I encountered a concoction of characters and creatures amid an enchanting backdrop of singularity. The journey I took into this fantasy realm was one of impressive epicne Within a magical realm of wonder lies a deftly woven, multifarious mystery just waiting to be explored! The journey I took into this fantasy realm was one of impressive epicness and memorability that ultimately left me inwardly shaken.

As fantastic main protagonist Ramsey set out to save her sister, unveil her past and discover herself…I could not help but be compulsively pulled along by such an addictive and intriguing multi-layered tale. How many books are there about Elves? This was the main element that makes this incredibly exciting new series standout a mile from other books, and so I give sanction for you to behold something supremely singular.

I did not expect to be so overwhelmed by such a well-crafted and brilliantly realised storyline nor by the intensity within the extensive narrative. Ramsey is a likeable heroine whom I instantly warmed to as she faced many difficult challenges along her path of self-discovery, and grew and developed into a strong individual. I eagerly await delving into book 2 with keen interest… View 1 comment. The Elf Girl was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest review and I want to take the opportunity to thank the author for providing me with a copy.

I must say I that the blurb had me intrigued. I love a good fantasy and I was eager to dive right into this since I've never really read of anything with Elves in it, besides Tolkien's of course. We begin the story with our main protagonist, fifteen year old, Ramsey. She is different in every way, both physically and emotionally. She fee The Elf Girl was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest review and I want to take the opportunity to thank the author for providing me with a copy. She feels "out of place" and can't seem to fit in and is always the butt of everyone's jokes.

Then, one day, when she is visiting her local bookstore, she stumbles upon a book that sort of explains exactly who she is. From discovering this book, she soon realises that her feeling "different" was because she really isn't human after all, but in fact an Elf. An Elf, who must set out on a quest to save a sister she never knew she had. I have to give credit to the author in creating this world and you can clearly see it come to life with all these amazing characters but I have to say, although it was a very interesting plot and had potential, it didn't grip me like I thought it would.

I felt it didn't flow in some places and just when you think you were getting somewhere, you are left with no answers. Considering the length of the read, I thought we could of had some resolve but I totally understand why the author would want to wait it out till the next book…which author doesn't do that. It's a good attempt for a debut novel and the fact the author is a teenager is remarkable. Fantasy may seem very easy to write but it isn't so I applaud the author's efforts. Apr 12, Divya rated it it was amazing Shelves: awesome-covers , readreview , , awesome-books.

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She is a teenager who has always felt out of place because of her pointy ears, which everyone made fun of. So, when she finds out that she is an elf, she is very happy that she finally found a place where she will blend in with others. But why is she taken to the Realm now, and not before? That's because she has a task to do. I really, really enjoyed this book. I actually didn't expect it to be this good. I have to say, this was one big book. Yet I breezed through it.

I honestly loved this book. This is my first book about Elves, and I was very excited to read it. It crossed my expectations. I can't wait to start the next book! The plot is very intriguing and the execution also didn't disappoint. Though I felt that the chemistry between Ramsey and Stellan was kind of forced at first. There is also a lot of character development. I liked the side-characters a lot, which rarely happens.

My favorite character has to be Brielle. I absolutely loved her. I really really want to know what is the deal with the Stranger. Overall, awesome book. Like I said before, can't wait to start the next one! I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I love worlds like these filled with excitement!!

I love that it was about elves. I haven't read anything about elves, so I was greatly surprised how much I enjoyed this story!! The author had a very nice way of guiding us along the journey. Ramsley starts off not really knowing who she is exactly, she just knows and feels completely different from everyone else. Especially her family, not being able to explain the r I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Especially her family, not being able to explain the reasons why she has pointed ears. Which I found interesting, how she goes on that journey to discover what she really is.

The way the author was able to maneuver the worlds was incredible. It allowed me to feel like I was actually right there along for the ride. Meeting the people and the places first hand. The characters were nicely established and well written. I enjoy them all.

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  8. I enjoyed the read greatly!! Dec 18, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: reveiwed. I want to thank the author for a copy of this book for my honest review. This book was amazing.

    I was drawn into the story because of Ramsey's flash back to how her life as "Elf Girl " started. Yes kids can be cruel. This high fantasy was compelling and intense. Ramsey was a great character. Being thrown into the life she was Ramsey acted as you would expect a 15 year old to react lending her believability. Ramsey faced the changes in her life with courage. The supporting characters are well wri I want to thank the author for a copy of this book for my honest review. The supporting characters are well written and help the stories flow.

    The challenges that face Ramsey are both mysterious and adventurous. Markelle Grabo is a young writer that grasps the genre with great energy. I felt the worlds she created was outstanding and I want and will read more.

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    I felt like I was in the world created and I did not want to leave. This writer is compelling and amazing to read. I loved this story I can not praise this story enough. Dec 23, Nereid rated it liked it. An interesting read as I have not come across any books mainly about elves before. Being the first in a series, this book set up the world building and relationships and whilst it was not riveting at times, it was necessary.

    Sometimes I felt this did not flow in places but towards the end I was looking forward to finding out if Stellan had a chance or the gorgeous stranger was her number one pick. I will definitely pick up the next book to see who wins her hand. View 2 comments. Apr 21, Erino added it. I think this story would make for an exciting and visually appealing movie. Jun 13, Gmr rated it liked it Recommends it for: all ages. Shelves: hurr-michael-read-owned. Ramsey Wilder, our fifteen year old main character has always known she's different One day on her semi regular trip to her local bookstore, Ramsey discovers a tome of a book that she's never seen the likes of It may not sound eye popping to one and all but for a girl that likes a bit of magic in her life like Ramsey it's a match made in heaven.

    But wait Like what you ask? Well, how about the girl at the checkout Addison knowing her name despite them never having met Still not strange enough? Okay, how about when a tendril of WATER attacks her and a mysterious and handsome stranger barely manages to save her life? They may seem out of the blue, but they're not when considering Ramsey's past and she's about to learn quite a bit in short order.

    Let's hope she catches up quick because their are lives, worlds even, at stake Now we begin the analysis since you have the back story I'll be relatively brief. The story had A LOT of potential, it truly did and while I can't say I didn't like it because I did , it fell short in a few areas for me. First, the story seemd to circle back in a repetitive cycle The scenary changed and magical aspects were introduced some pretty clever ones too but I could all too often foresee what was going to happen because of the repetitive formula. Second and pretty much my last "grievance" of sorts was dealing with the secret.

    This could well be resolved in the next book of the series but it seemed like an awfully big part of the puzzle to well, "leave hanging" after pages. I was rather exaspirated myself I will definitely tip my hat to the author's ability to create a 3-dimensional world You could really see the Realm take shape as you were reading, the good and the not so good.

    The characters were distinctive love the little gnome and their beauty will not go unnoticed Even the relationships, both platonic and romantic are represented well and in good measure. Rest assured though their are emotional entanglements to deal with, that is NOT the heart of the story. In my opinion, the heart of this story is Ramsey and her quest to find a place in this world or the magic Realm where she truly belongs. It's a story about accepting others for who they are not what they are, or rather what they look like, because in the end love is what matters.

    Love for oneself, love for others and love for the world around us. A recommended read for all ages as there is something for everyone in the story. Rest assured I'll be keeping an eye out for book two and hoping for a big reveal! Apr 12, Nay Denise rated it it was amazing Shelves: review-books , favorites. Does contain some spoilers! Markelle Grabo did an excellent job in building a world where three realms collide: Human, Elf and Fairy. The world building throughout this book is detailed, intense and captivating. You will surely get sucked into the world.

    JOURNEY INTO THE REALM: The Elf Girl - AbeBooks - Markelle Grabo:

    The writing was purely gold for me. It was an intense read because of all the details, but it definitely was smooth and easy to read. This story follows fifteen year old Ramsey. She lives in the Human Realm in Wisconsin, with her family. She gets teased for having pointy ears and she doesn't understand why? She also realizes that she is extremely different from her family in looks. Things to start to go strange when she meets a young lady by the name of Addison, she gets attacked by water, saved by a random person and meets a handsome guy with the same ears.

    She soon learns she is different because she is in fact an elf or rather an elfen female elf. When she finds out her true identity and her real life, thanks to Addison, she decides to go to the Elf Realm in which she ventures out to save her real sister Zora from the Elemental Fairies currently war between the Elves and Elemental Fairies , find out what her secret is and why the fairies want her dead over her secret that she knows nothing about.

    Along the way she makes new friends, falls in love and learns that she is finally home. Throughout the book you have a bit of everything: romance, action, comedy, friendship, finding ones self and family struggles. This book is definitely one of a kind! Time for some information on what I enjoyed and didn't enjoy May 16, Jamie rated it really liked it Shelves: magic , review-copy-from-author-publisher , books-i-own , fantasy , review-copy , ya , paranormal-romance.

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this.

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