Verschwörung gegen Baron Wildenstein (Tatort Mittelalter) (German Edition)

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As simple of a life as possible when you can hear the thoughts of everyone around you, anyway. Thanks to her little "disability," Sookie finds it impossible to form a relationship with anyone until she meets Bill, a vampire whose mind is mercifully closed off to her. But dating a vampire isn't easy either, especially not when a bunch of girls start showing up dead and the signs either point to her boyfriend's vampire friends or, alternatively, her own promiscuous brother.

Alexia Tarabotti really did not need to add "vampire attack" to her list of complaints. She's already a spinster, half-Italian which makes her fall far below the beauty standard in London , and, oh yeah, she lacks a soul. No, seriously, she has no soul, which gives her the ability to take away the powers of other supernatural creatures. That doesn't give a vampire the right to attack her, though, and when she accidentally kills one, Alexia finds herself being investigated by Lord Maccon, a werewolf hired by Queen Victoria.

A very sexy werewolf. Not that Alexia has time for that type of thing yeah right. She has to figure out why vampires are appearing in London high society. Cat might be half-vampire , but that doesn't mean she has to like it. Ever since Cat's mortal mother revealed that her vampire father raped her and left her pregnant with Cat, Cat has made it her mission to kill as many vampires she can in the hopes that one will turn out to be her father.

Then she's captured by the vampire Bones, who promises to help her find her no-good dad in exchange for partnering up with him and hunting down other, more dangerous vampires. As you can imagine, not everyone loves her new gig, especially the creatures she's trying to kill. Luckily she has the extremely handsome Bones by her side If you're getting tired of vampires, I'm sorry, but they're kind of a staple of paranormal romance.

To give you a little breather, how do you feel about hunky dragons? Aisling tries to deliver a demon artifact to a buyer in Paris, but unfortunately finds that buyer dead upon arrival. The artifact she meant to deliver get stolen by Drake, the aforementioned hunky dragon, who is convinced that Aisling is actually his preordained mate. Now Aisling has to find out who killed her customer, keep Drake at bay, and deal with a demon in the shape of a Newfoundland that she accidentally conjured up. The Atlanta that Kate lives in is constantly caught in a power struggle between magic and technology.

It's also a town where necromancers, shape-shifters, and vampires rove the streets. Enter Kate, a girl with a sword who really enjoys using it on things that she doesn't like.

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When her guardian is killed by a creature even worse than the types she encounters daily, however, Kate knows its time to put that sword to good use. That might not sound super romance-y to you, but I forgot to mention that along the way she picks up the shape-shifting Beast Lord, Curran. MacKayla's world is turned upside down when her little sister is killed in Ireland. With the police unable to find her killer, Mac decides to hop on a plane and do a little digging on her own.

She soon meets Jericho Barrons, the owner of a bookshop and the only one with any clues to her sister's death. Barrons soon helps Mac realize that she can see the Fae, fairy creatures who are way more dangerous than your average Tinkerbell. Mac's sister could see them too, and if she ended up dead because of her power, Mac may be next. Diana Bishop would prefer not to talk about witchcraft.

Despite being a descendant of an old and powerful witch family, Diana wants nothing to do with her powers and diligently tries to hide or ignore them. While trying to live out a normal life in academia at Oxford, however, she accidentally uncovers a manuscript that everyone in the magical world wants to get their hands on.

Now she's fending off hordes of the supernatural with the help of handsome vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont. A tale of supernatural academics falling in love over an old manuscript? But these guys were out of their minds if they thought she had anything of worth for this brotherhood. She doubted it was her they wanted. It sounded like something was hidden somewhere on this mountain. If they thought she knew where it was, they were crazy. What if they were after something in the cave Travis was taking her to visit? Did they think that particular cave held whatever it was they were looking for?

Questions tumbled through her head as she swallowed the lump of growing fear in her throat. She must have looked like the biggest sucker going sitting across the table from Travis at a pub after their tour of the underground vaults. Had he noticed her reactions to the lingering souls wandering the vaults? Had he read her desires and played her for a fool? Was he somehow a part of this whole kidnapping ploy? Lynn shivered inwardly.

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Was Travis not really her friend but an instigator in this ruse to capture an American? She refused to believe ill of Travis. He was innocent in this whole scenario. This addiction of hers was finally going to get her killed. Lynn stirred from her musings and concentrated on their conversation, hoping for a thread of information she could use in her favor. How do we know this brotherhood will keep their promise? But this brotherhood seems a bit shady ta me. How many times I got ta tell you? He promised ta make us rich if we joined his group. Lynn felt the foot of the litter lower as Fin set her down.

He moved to stand face to face with Lonnie, who now stood near her shoulder. It was apparent he was the one in charge of this operation. She could sense the tension between them. This was something she could use to her advantage. It was a fairy tale, a myth handed down from our forefathers that suckered us into believing in a curse on a clan that no longer exists. Lonnie shook as he waved his hands in the air in frustration.

You be in too tight with the society. You might want ta be thinking about it afore you answer. Silence fell between them, which gave her time to sort through the limited details. Apparently they all belonged to some sort of society sworn to protect some nonexistent clan. Lonnie had a new friend with lots of money and a desire to own something the society protected. But what? None of them had let that slip. Instead his gaze seemed to glance occasionally behind him as if expecting to see someone there at any moment.

Travis maybe? Momentarily a spark of hope for his safety gave her an instant of relief that Travis might be tracking them or gone for help. So even if Fin had changed his mind about being a part of this team, he was out-numbered. She focused on Fin. He was the weak link. Something she hoped she could twist in her favor when the time was right.

It was after dark when they reached the designated campsite on the ridge. Tents were already erected. It appeared as if they had set up camp before they invaded her campsite and took her captive. They set her down. Timothy stacked wood in the pit to build a fire. Fin disappeared into one of the two tents. Lonnie plopped onto a large rock beside the pit.

When Fin came out of his tent carrying a lit lantern, she tried to talk against the tape to get his attention. Though it was nothing more than a mumbled noise, he squatted beside her and sat the lantern on the ground near her head.

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You no going ta scream are you? Lynn shook her head and he slowly removed the tape from her mouth. She wiggled her jaw and wet her lips. It felt good to have that off her face. Now if she could just get him to unwrap the tape that bound her to the stretcher and release her arms from behind her back her shoulders would be forever grateful. Fin glanced at his partners then pulled out a pocketknife and started cutting the tape. He continued cutting without looking up from his task. Fin smiled at her wisecrack and the tension in the back of her neck eased.

Once he freed the tape from across the sleeping bag, he lifted it off her and helped her sit upright. After cutting the tape binding her ankles, he untied the rope from around her wrists. She wiggled her toes in her boots trying to loosen the tightness in her ankles. Rolling her shoulders and moving her fingers helped relieve the dead sensation and numbness in her arms and hands. The small of her back ached from lying on her hands balled beneath her.

She took a step toward the trees when Fin cut her off. Lynn opened her mouth to protest then shut it. He was serious.

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He grabbed the lantern and held it out so she could see where she was going. They walked several feet away from the tents. Fin stopped her and turned her to face him. He hung the lantern on a branch so it bathed the area in a low glow. He took hold of her hands as he spoke in a whispered tone so only she could hear. Things are not as they seem. Lynn swallowed her excitement. She was right about Fin. He may not be the brightest but he does have a mean streak. She nodded and scooted behind the trees out of his view. Indecision warred with her insides as she relieved herself while at the same time loosening the rope.

When she stood and secured her jeans, she turned and walked face first into a hand over her mouth and an arm around her waist. Fear filled her. She bit his hand and kneed him in the family jewels. Limbs slapped her face and left behind stinging scratches. Darkness surrounded her, only the occasional light from the stars and moon filtered through the canopy of trees.

She kept on running. Several times she tripped and miraculously she managed to stay on her feet, blindly grabbing hold of branches or trees to break her fall. Voices echoed behind her making her push onward even though she gasped for air. Her lungs hurt. Wheezing in and out, she thought she was going to be sick even though her stomach was empty. Dizziness made her head spin, causing her to crumble to her knees. Uncontrollable tears gushed and for the first time since the whole thing started, she felt completely helpless.

Sob after sob croaked from deep inside her before she finally curled into a ball on the soft forest floor. She lay there for several minutes more, trying to calm her frazzled nerves. Think, Lynn. Lynn sat upright, dried her eyes and gathered her wits. This she knew in her heart. Whether she imagined it or not, it was his whispered words of encouragement that sparked her drive to survive and pulled her back together. She struggled to her feet and straightened her clothes as best as possible. Up ahead through the trees, she thought she saw a break in the woods.

Maybe there was a meadow and quite possibly a house with people who could help her. Slowly she worked her way in that direction. The sound of male voices from somewhere behind her scared her. They were still coming after her and getting closer. She dug deep for any energy she had left and ran. The moment she cleared the tree line, the ground went out from under her.

She landed on her backside and began a torturous slide, bouncing off saplings, rocks and underbrush as her speed increased. Several times the thin saplings she managed to grasp pulled out of the soft ground, slowing her some but not much. Digging in her heels helped, but the moist soil gave away until she hit a solid mass, a well-embedded rock that stopped her downward spiral. Once the dirt around her stopped shifting, she evaluated her condition. Breathing deep, she calmed her overwrought nerves and forced her trembling hands to search from side to side for anything that would help support her.

She closed her eyes and it hit her. She was living the dream she had the first night of this ghost hunting adventure. Dead tired from hiking into the Grampian Mountains, cozy and warm in her sleeping bag, her imagination ran wild in her sleep and she had awoken all hot and bothered by the images fired to life in her brain. Thinking back, it replayed as if she were asleep and the dream reoccurred.

She clung on for life in her dream just like she did now. Dirt slipped from the mountain, crumbling around her with any movement. Lynn kept her eyes closed tight, listening to the echo of a rock as it rolled into the deep crevice beneath her. It sounded so far away. If she remembered correctly, warmth had shot down her arm as a strong hand wrapped around hers.

Lynn leaned back into the mountain, letting the vision of hope live in her mind in a valiant effort to relieve the tension of her reality. One hand held hers, while the other reached and grabbed her backpack, tugging her into the mouth of a cave without so much as a grunt from the effort. Several seconds passed before she could actually focus. A gorgeous hunk of a man dressed in full-scale, ancient Scottish regalia stood staring down at her.

The way the light played across the plains of his face gave him a dangerously rugged appeal. A firm jaw held a set of perfect male lips. Waves of dark hair thick with amber highlights hung loose about his broad shoulders. He was bare-chested except for the leather strap that crossed from left shoulder to right hip, which held the sheath for the sword she saw the handle of above his shoulder.

A red and green plaid kilt slung low across his hips lay perfectly to his knees. Laced boots covered from his calves to his toes, but from the snug fit hid nothing about their musculature. His legs befit the rest of him, muscles on top of muscles. She swallowed hard, then forced her brain to work and made her mouth form a sentence. She stumbled on weakened legs and fell against the solid wall of male flesh. His arm wrapped around her waist, holding her closer along the warmth of his form.

He seemed to study her before his eyes met hers. The low sultry baritone of his words washed over her as he spoke. In the dream, his arm tightened around her waist as he lifted her without any effort. One of her hands held his thick, bulging biceps while her other hand landed on his waist for support. Never had anyone lifted her to kiss her. The closer his lips got, the more she wanted his kiss. This slow motion event was killing her.

The heat of his breath caressed her lips just millimeters apart. The warmth of his body set her on fire with desire. Lynn caught herself craning her neck trying to reach his lips. Opening her eyes reality set in. She truly clung to the side of a mountain for life. She tilted her chin upward, but saw nothing much in the darkness. Was there a handsome man waiting to rescue her? Nervously she laughed at the ludicrous thought. No, it was up to her to save herself. She dug deep, brushing away the perfect hero-saves-the-day dream from her thoughts and struggled for survival.

Cautious in her movements, she inched along the rock, turning until she was face first against the dirt. Should she try to climb down or was it easier to go up? Lynn moved her hands palm flat along the ground searching for any point of support, anything she could grasp. The fingertips of her right hand brushed something rough and solid. Lynn rotated her head in that direction. It appeared to be a ledge. God, she hoped it would hold her. With slow, careful movements, she worked her way toward the lip in the rock, hugging her body to the mountain for dear life.

It seemed like an eternity had past before she reached the ledge. Every muscle ached and trembled but she refused to give in to the exhaustion that threatened to tear her from the mountainside. That ledge was her salvation, her place to rest and recuperate until sunrise. She gripped the rocky edge. Now all she had to do was pull herself up onto it. Toeing her boots into the dirt, she tried to push upward using her legs. The ground slid out from beneath her right foot and she slipped, leaving her dangling by her hands.

Her shoulders screamed in pain and her arms shook, but she tightened her grip refusing to lose this battle. Sheer will helped her find a sturdier foundation. Her left foot located a rock and her right she planted between the base of a bush and the dirt. She struggled inch by inch until she was able to hoist herself onto the ledge. Lynn rolled several feet away from the edge and onto her back. Breathing heavily, she lay still trying to evaluate her condition.

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Nothing felt broken. Seconds turned into minutes as she simply lay there. The pounding of her heart resumed its normal pace and the tension in her body relaxed, giving her a chance to reflect on the events that led up to her precarious predicament. Hysterical laughter rose from her chest. She rolled onto her side and curled into a ball. The laughter slowed and exhaustion took over. Everything hurt. Both arms and legs trembled uncontrollably. A deep-seated ache bloomed from her core and spread outward until every ounce of her was thoroughly sated, causing her muscles to spasm at will.

Her body gave her no other choice but to sleep. If she saw the morning light, it would be a miracle. Invisible, strong, gentle hands caressed her, lulling her to sleep. Warmth surrounded her. The handsome man reappeared in her dreams, giving her comfort in her time of need.

She snuggled closer into the imaginary heat of his body. He surrounded her, coddling her against him as if he alone would protect her from the elements. Sensing he stood watch, Lynn relaxed further into the depths of sleep, letting his sexy image renew her desire for life and for him. He appeared to be tall with wide shoulders and thick arms that would hold her for as long as she needed to be held.

Long, dark hair with rich shades of red was pulled away from his face, making her wish to untie what bound it and set it free to landscape his rugged features. Deep, blue-green eyes stared at her filled with wonder and wisdom beyond his years.

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In this dream, he said nothing nor did she. He simply held her while she slept, keeping her close and away from the edge of the ledge. His imaginary heat warmed her and warded off the cool night air. A sensual dream not sexual guided her into a peaceful place where the hazards of her day no longer existed. It was just her and her hot, dream-walking man. Rafflecopter a Rafflecopter giveaway. Stone Kisses by Tessa Stokes is a gentle yet very sensual paranormal romance.

Stella makes a trip to the garden centre, and takes a fancy to not only to a stone statue of the handsome Mercury but also to the assistant there, Justin. However, Mercury is well out of her price range but Justin sees how struck she is with the statue and so delivers it to her. An act of incredible kindness? Yes, and no. Stella is caught up in this, but not detrimentally. She loves both the men who enter her life, even though one is a garden ornament.

Little by little he becomes more than that, and the fun and adventure really begins. This is a quirky and very imaginative story. Tessa Stokes has a rather understated style, so the whole story appears more simple than it is. It develops slowly but surely and the reader is pulled into this modern fantasy. We gradually learn more about our sympathetic characters and become very involved in their lives, mortal and immortal.

A highly enjoyable novella. Pure Healing by Aja James is a paranormal romance. It is initially very slightly confusing in that the book starts with Sophia, the Queen of the Pure Ones, as narrator but she soon becomes a secondary figure in the rest of the book as the relationship between Rain, the healer, and Valerius, an immortal Protector. There has been sexual tension between them for over a decade but finally Valerius asks to become her consort and help regenerate her powers by allowing her to feed on his blood and his body.

But he is not to fall in love with her. Valerius suffered brutality in his youth and is full of self-doubt and handicapped by his resulting fear of intimacy. Rain also is constrained by her past and who she is but somehow between them they achieve fulfillment.

And in the background is an impending war between vampires and the Pure Ones. Vicious attacks by vampire assassins are taking place all too often. This is a very intense, gritty book that really grips you. The author creates an intriguing yet overtly dangerous world. As with all series starters, there is quite a lot of groundwork to cover to set the scene for all the action that is to come, in this book and later ones.

However, Aja James keeps the pace moving and keeps our appetites whetted. Plenty of questions are raised and issues touched on that are still to be resolved. I enjoy paranormal romance and this is a particularly original and fun book of this genre. And great news! There are more books to come in this series. Delia Rhodes is a feisty and fascinating heroine who shares her flat with a ghost. A sensitive, in fact. She also does a little shapeshifting on the side. From being single for a long while, suddenly two men enter her life — Seamus, long-time friend and sexy Irish vampire-human hybrid, and Draven, another drop-dead gorgeous hybrid, new employee at Katz.

Delia now finds herself torn between two lovers who between them drag her into a dangerous situation. Draven has chosen to fight in the Cage as a sort of ritual and suddenly Delia finds she is forced to fight for her life. And how does this tie in with pixie kidnapping?

This book by an exciting young author is an interesting and entertaining take on the paranormal romance theme. The dialogue is modern and spirited, the characters are complex and credible and the settings and situations are intriguing and well thought out. The issues of loyalty and trust are strong subthemes.

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  4. Good versus evil and tolerance versus discrimination are explored. There are a few sinister hints in little things like the way everyone is categorised at birth, with some sort of secret system reserved for vampires. And the characters face death. There is darkness to match the lightness of this novel. I thoroughly recommend it. I asked her rather a lot questions about Living Sensitive, writing and herself and she was kind enough to take the time to answer them all. Thanks Chrissie!