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Thank you! Firefighter Dennis Smith goes from one ""tough, snotty job"" to another, breathing the ""superheated air"" and spitting ""the black phlegm of my trade"" in the South Bronx where they yell ""peeg, peeg"" and much worse at firemen. What these ingrates need, says one of Smith's fellow workers, is ""a good kick in the ass"" but Smith wonders ""Who is the sinner?

Who teaches? We never stole from people. Smith worries about the dangers of smoking but then thinks ""why quit when each fire I fight is more deadly than a thousand cartons of Pall Mall's. The simply complexity of one man who slides down that brass pole. There was a problem adding your email address. Please try again.

Dennis Smith (firefighter)

Firemen never know what they'll meet when they respond to an alarm - a fire, a family quarrel, a hold-up, a homicide. Whatever the emergency, the fireman is prepared to handle it. He stayed in the Fire Department an additional 19 years after the success of his first book, Report from Engine Co. He is the author of 11 books including three other bestsellers about firefighting. Smith founded Firehouse Magazine and has become an outstanding spokesman for firefighters nationwide.

Little boys often dream of becoming firefighters, picturing themselves as the heroes who put out fires, save lives, and rescue stranded cats. Lloyd James sounds like a firefighter. His voice has enough roughness to convince the listener that he's ready to do battle every time the alarm bell rings; James's emotions seem to ebb and flow with the book's events. Unfortunately, this abridgment leaves the listener wondering what parts of the story are missing. Convert currency.

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Add to Basket. Compare all 6 new copies. Book Description Pocket Books. Condition: new. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Pocket Books, The pumper stops in front of a building just before we reach Kelly Street. We're about to stretch the hose when there is an anguished scream from inside the building.

A boy is running out of the doorway, his shirt and hair aflame. Ladder 31 and Chief Solwin are right behind us, and one of the ladder men goes rapidly to the boy's assistance. Willy Knipps takes the first folds of the hose and heads into the building. Carroll and I follow, dragging the rest of the hose with us. Royce and Boyle are still on the sidewalk donning masks. Lieutenant Welch is waiting for us on the second floor, crouched low by a smoking door. There are four apartments on the floor, and three of the doors are open, their occupants fleeing.

Chief Solwin arrives, stops for a moment at the top of the stairs, and then rushes into the apartment adjoining the rooms on fire. He starts kicking through the wall with all his strength. The smoke rushes through the hole, darkening the apartment and the hall. Knipps and I are coughing and have to lie on our bellies as we wait for the water to surge through the hose.


Carroll has gone down for another mask. He can tell it's goingto be a tough, snotty job. Billy-o and Artie Merritt start to work on the locked door.

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It's hard for me to breathe with my nose to the marble floor of the hall, and I think of the beating Artie and Billy-o must be taking as they stand where the smoke is densest, swinging on the ax, hitting the door with the point of the halligan tool. The door is tight and does not give easily. Captain Frimes arrives with Charlie McCartty behind him. Charlie widens the hole in the wall. The Chief and Captain Frimes are on their knees as Charlie works. After furious hacking, the hole is through to the next apartment.

Charlie tries to squeeze through the bay-the sixteen-inch space between the two-by-fours. He can't make it. Not with his mask on. He turns to take the mask off, but before he can get it off Captain Frimes enters through the hole. The front door has still not been opened, and Frimes knows that only luck or the help of God will keep the whole place from lighting up. He crawls on the floor toward the front door, swinging his arms before him as if swimming the breast stroke.

His hand is stopped by the bulk of a body, Iying on the floor. It's a big frame, and Captain Frimes struggles to drag it toward the hole in the wall. The fire is raging in three rooms at the end of the hall, and spreading fast toward the front of the building. McCartty is just crawling through the hole as the Captain passes by with the body. The smoke is so thick that Captain Frimes missed the hole. McCartty grabs the body under the arms, and pulls.

Captain Frimes can hear Billy-o and Artie working on the door, and he makes a desperate effort back down the hall. He reaches the front door and feels the long steel bar of a Fox lock. Like a flying buttress, the bar reaches up from the floor and braces the door closed. Captain Frimes knows locks as well as he knows his own kids' names, and he kneels and turns the bolt of the lock. He jumps back, and the door swings open. Billy-o and Artie grab the Captain, who is overcome by smoke and can barely move now, and pull him out of the apartment.

Charlie McCartty walks past us with the body in his arms. It is a boy, about sixteen or seventeen years old. He is a strapping black youth, but McCartty is a powerful man, and carries him easily to the street. The boy is still breathing, but barely. McCartty knows that he has to get some oxygen into him if he is to live, and begins mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The hose comes to life with water as Billy-o and Artie pull the Captain down the stairs. Lieutenant Welch gives the "okay" to Knipps, and we start crawling down the hall.

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We reach the first burning room, and Knipps opens the nozzle. The room is filled with the crackling of fire, and as the water stream hits the ceiling the sound is made louder by falling plaster, steaming and hissing on the wet floor. The fire darkens quickly, and the smoke banks to the floor.

FDNY/Author Dennis Smith on NBC 9/14/2001

There is no escape from it, and Knipps knows that he has to push into the last room for a rest. Boyle moves up, breathing easily in his mask. He is going to relieve Knipps on the line, but he trips in the middle of the room.

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  • He feels around the floor to see what tripped him, and his hands sink into another body. Carroll joins him quickly, and they carry the body out. Royce moves up to the nozzle, and Knipps says that he thinks he can make it.