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Highly sophisticated yet hopelessly romantic, Amory flounders from prep school to Princeton to glittering Jazz Age New York, confident that he is destined for greatness but unsure how to go about it. It moves from tenderness to cynicism to hope with the grace and power that make Fitzgerald one of the greatest of American writers. First published in , This Side of Paradise marks the beginning of the career of one of the greatest writers of the first half of the twentieth century.

In this remarkable achievement, F.

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Scott Fitzgerald displays his unparalleled wit and keen social insight in his portrayal of college life through the struggles and doubts of Amory Blaine, a self-proclaimed genius with a love of knowledge and a penchant for the romantic. As Amory journeys into adulthood and leaves the aristocratic egotism of his youth behind, he becomes painfully aware of his lost innocence and the new sense of responsibility and regret that has taken its place. Clever and wonderfully written, This Side of Paradise is a fascinating novel about the changes of the Jazz Age and their effects on the individual.

It is a complex portrait of a versatile mind in a restless generation that reveals rich ideas crucial to an understanding of the s and timeless truths about the human need for—and fear of—change. There are clever things, keen and searching things, amusingly young and mistaken things, beautiful things and pretty things.

Fitzgerald has recorded with a good deal of felicity and a disarming frankness the adventures and developments of a curious and fortunate American youth. At last the revelation has come. Paul, Minnesota.

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Scott Fitzgerald. It was these stories that allowed him to write Zelda and himself into the novel. Zelda's mental illness is the catalytic event , but the subject of the novel becomes Fitzgerald's waste of his genius as expressed through the career of Dr. Richard Diver, who plunges from great promise to failure.

Fitzgerald finally has material he feels strongly about: Zelda's breakdown, and his own deterioration. He has a store of painful emotions to draw from. Dick Diver is ruined by the rich at the simplest level, but the true source of his collapse is his need to be loved and admired, leading him to squander his emotional capital. He succeeds at curing his patient-wife at the cost of his own career. Sure, we all recognize this as an American classic. But, unless you're a Fitzgerald completist, an alumnus of Princeton, a fan of books edited by Max Perkins, or keen on post-World War I American fiction or lost generation fiction, the continuing relevance of this particular book, as opposed to "The Great Gatsby" , might escape you.

I sympathize. But, there is a very nice volume, in the public domain, that's available as a Kindle freebie from Amazon. If you are curious, want to see what the fuss was about, or just in a browsing mood, this is a fine, readable edition. I was actually a bit surprised by some of the places Fitzgerald went with this book, and enjoyed many of the scenes and bits of conversation, and so ended up happy I had taken it up.

I found and read the Kindle freebie public domain edition of this book. It has been available here on Amazon for many years. I read the download on a Kindle Touch. The book is well formatted and presents well on the Kindle. The native font is fine, but all the Kindle options - font selection, font size, line spacing, and margins - work properly. The book has a sloppy Table of Contents which I did not find to be active. The Kindle "Go To" function was a better choice for navigation anyway.

There are no notes or annotations, and no editor foreword or supplementary material, apart from one page of production notes. This is a bare bones, but faithful, transcription of the text. This copy avoids the dreaded error where a letter, usually "f" or "t" for some reason , has been omitted everywhere in the text. The text here is clean. There are no, or very, very few , odd page breaks, no paragraphing problems, no garbled sentences, and no other format issues.

Bottom line - this is an excellent choice for browsing or experimenting and a nice freebie find. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. The World has come a long way, since this book was first written, and yet much of the story is kind of a modern tale. Scott Fitzgerald's anthem to the Lost Generation, "This Side of Paradise" gave me insight into the effect of war on a generation.

The description of the carefree, pampered years of a boy reared in the world of private schools and elite universities showed us an inward looking generation indoctrinated in the beliefs of their parents. The crucible of World War I refined the generation into one that developed their own wisdom and generational spokesmen. See all 7, reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway.

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The Beautiful and Damned. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Have you seen „The Great Gatsby”?

Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. I just think the flow of the book is to volatile to convey the meaning as good as possible. Because of this, i wasn't too eager to start with The Beautiful and the Damned, but or is clearly a more structured and mature way of telling a story. Although I think there is too much emphasis on the early living conditions and too little It was rather difficult for me to get through This Side of Paradise. Although I think there is too much emphasis on the early living conditions and too little on the downfall, the book was better.

I would strongly recommend to only buy or read the second book.

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Jul 29, Anja Rosic rated it liked it. Probably the oddest of Fitzgerald's books I've read so far.

  1. This Side of Paradise & The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  2. Paradise Lost: Book 1.
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  4. It could be attributed to my current mindset and its probable unfriendliness to such a style of writing and story lines but it didn't sit too well with me. That all being said, as is typical with Fitzgerald, his wit and intelligence are visible on almost every page and the ending is absolutely beautiful. I hope to understand it better someday when I've read it again. Jan 20, Elizabeth Trevathan rated it really liked it. Not my favorite Fitzgerald but still very good. Mar 07, Hayley rated it really liked it.

    This Side of Paradise is quite obvious as a first novel as you read it. The act of following Amory Blaine is an effort that doesn't really pay off, as the plot can only be interesting when he actually has some kind of direction in life, which is seldom. There are moments of brilliance in the writing though, so some definite promise to save it from being a totally wasted effort.

    The Beautiful and Damned is a fascinating portrayal of a man's downward spiral into drink and debt, and is thoroughly e This Side of Paradise is quite obvious as a first novel as you read it.

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    The Beautiful and Damned is a fascinating portrayal of a man's downward spiral into drink and debt, and is thoroughly entertaining. Still a little bloated in places, but nowhere near as meandering as This Side of Paradise. Aug 24, Inkling rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. Thoughts: if you own this exact copy of the book, don't read any of the introductions before having finished the novels!! That being said, great edition! Great introduction that sums up all you've read and answers any lingering questions you might have had.

    Good notes at the end of the book that help you better understand the social coordinates of the times depicted. You get to learn quite a lot ab Thoughts: if you own this exact copy of the book, don't read any of the introductions before having finished the novels!! You get to learn quite a lot about American society in the 20s. This Side of Paradise: This is a slice-of-life novel riddled with sarcasm and irony.

    16. Paradise Lost, Books VII-VIII

    It is more than a coming-of-age novel, it's a novel that pursues its character through the difficult task of getting to know himself, of understanding why he believes what he believes, where his self-esteem comes from etc. If you're not interested in this, read it for the way it was written! Beautifully sarcastic down to the smallest details - it caused me one of the extremely rare book hangovers. I had to force myself to finish it simply because I couldn't stand seeing it on the 'Currently Reading' list.

    “I know myself,” he cried, “but that is all.”

    The sarcasm that made the first one so appealing vanished without a trace to give place to a meandering plot. It felt like an uncomfortable, slow, painful trek through all sorts of human misery. It is bitter and sad and awfully realistic in a way you wish it weren't. Apr 14, Emma rated it really liked it Shelves: 20th-century. It's most interesting as a way of seeing the evolution of one of the greatest novelists of the twentieth century, and it's somehow encouraging to see how far Fitzgerald grew as a writer before blessing the world with The Great Gatsby.

    Beautiful things grow to a certain height and then they fail and fade off, breathing out memories as they decay. Loss of youth is still a pervading theme, but here we have individuals who never truly grow, and yet are constantly aware of their own mortality. Gloria is a dazzling character who I truly adore, she's an eternal child with a doll-like perfection. This is a tragic tale, but a beautiful read with all the wildness and decadence Fitzgerald's work will forever be associated with.

    Jun 07, Teo rated it it was amazing. This Side of Paradise was a deeply unsettling read, but the train of thought seemed more jumbled and less impactful than The Beautiful and Damned. Amory Blaine in Paradise seemed a little plastic and tacky as are many characters in Fitzgerald's books but the tragedy of Anthony Patch and Gloria Gilbert rings a lot more clearly in Beautiful. Fitzgerald is truly a genius in portraying the glitz and underlying corruption of society in the Jazz Age, but I docked half a star for the inher 4. Fitzgerald is truly a genius in portraying the glitz and underlying corruption of society in the Jazz Age, but I docked half a star for the inherent repulsiveness of the characters.

    I know it's part of the effective characterisation, but the only feelings I had for the characters were pity and disgust.