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Flynn, still in school. During the last sixteen years htf has been Chairman of the Republican County Committee, having always been a staunch Republican in politics. He is a member of Preston Lodge No. Flynn has been of eminent usefulness in his business relations with the people of his native county.

As one of the organizers of the Kingwood National Bank ,he aided in founding an institution which has kept financial interests of Preston county at home, whenever it could be done by accommodating and extending favors to Prestonians instead of parties abroad. The people have not been slow to appreciate these favors and support the enterprise, while the stockholders have, been much pleased to have the bank pass its capitalization in surplus and undivided profits in less than ten years.

Flynn was not only one of the organizers of this bank, but he has been its Vice President and a member of the Board of Directors, since its organization. The name of Smoot is truly American if length of year's residence Americanizes a name as well as the man. One of the record books in the Land office at Annapolis, Md. Inegoes Fort. This William Smoot was a prominent man in the business transactions of his time and neighborhood. He was a native of England, having in employed men to work for him in Virginia while still living in England.

He traded largely in lands, cattle and tobacco. That he opposed England's tyranny he exemplified in shipping his tobacco to other countries than England and claimed for so doing his share of the "Dutch Crestones" then in operation under Lord Baltimore. William iSmoot owned vessels, one of which he boug'ht from Leonard Calvert.

He was one of the appraisers of the Leonard Calvert estate, for which he received two thousand pounds of tobacco from Margaret Brent, who purchased that estate. There are records of many business transactions between Mrs.

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Margaret Brent and William Smoot. That he was a man of influence is verified by the court records — if he sued a man who failed to appear in defense, William Smoot would be awarded so much for his trouble in coming to court. If William Smoot was sued and acquitted he also was awarded ''tobacco and hogshead to hold it, for his trouble in comjng forty miles to court.

In the court of Maryland decided that "upon Smoot's Creek in Charles County shall be one of the places mentioned and appointed for a town. The name of "Barton" was retained by the line of Smoots who early became residents of Preston county, and this afifords evidence of the connection of the Preston County families to those of early colonial times.

Of his family of twelve children, "Barton" was the eldest, "Solomon, second son," "James, deceased. Of the above family it is known that James Smoot was a member of the Hampshire County Militia in , and that Barton Smoot was a miller at a merchant mill in Fox's Hollow — a mill built in — and he being the fourth miller. The same mill still in operation as late as They were married previous to , as in that year they executed a deed to prop- erty in Hampshire Co. The farm they owned and occupied as a home was on the waters of the Great Cacapon river in Hampshire county.

They executed a deed for this in after they had taken up their residence in Preston County, Va.

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Joshua Smoot was a member of the Baptist church and his body lies buried in a cemetery of that denomination at "Scotch Hill" above Newiburg, he having died in Ethel O. Berthy, Charles Howard, married Alice L. In he married second Susan Powell, daughter of John M. Powell and Martha Howard Powell. In a sketch printed in the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer , during the life time of Mr. James R.

Smoot, 'twas written that "Perhaps the most extensive lumber manufacturer as well as man of all business in the vicinity of Newburg, Austen and Tunnelton, is Mr. Smoot of Newburg. He commenced the lumber business in and now owns and operates four mills, three of which are in Preston county and one in Summers county, the capacity of these mills being 45 thousand feet of lumlber per day, much of which is exported to Liver- pool, England.

Smoot fs a fair sample of what may be accom- plished by a young man of energy without resources. By the death of his father, Joshua Smoot, he was left an orphan at the age of thirteen with the whole family to support. He applied himself early and late to anything he could get to do. During the building of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad he worked as a laborer on the cut just east of Newburg. He was so industrious and frugal that at the age of 18 he was able to go into business on his own account. He commenced business at Independence remaining there one year then removed to Newburg.

His chief occupation has been connected with the lumber business. He also has been a large dealer in rea lestate and now owns 'besides his private residence, the extensive business block on Railroad street in which he conducts his mercantile affairs, and aibout thirty other houses and lots in Newburg.

He also owns and operates the Independence Steam-Roller Mills and deals largely in flour and grain. He also deals considerably in cattle. In addition to these possessions he owns several improved farms in Preston County, and extensive timber rights in various parts of the state. He has but recently purchased the Major McGrew farm of acres in the vicinity of Kingwood which is said to be one of the finest pieces of property of its kind in the county.

Smoot, aside from inheriting through the Smoots great business qualifi- cations, always gave his mother, Mary Haines Smoot, much credit for his ability to manage and accumulate property, saying she had a rare capacity for good management. The neighbor who wrote while Mr.

Smoot lived was thinking financially and did not mention more than industrial facts, but Mr. Smoot was a benefactor to his town. He was sought far and near for advice. People took to him their troubles and business affairs for him to pass judgment upon. He was a peaceful and law-abiding citizen, never entering into law to test its merits.

His religious training was in the old school Baptist, but he attended with his family the Methodist Protestant Church in Newburg, 'which building lot was given to that congregation by Mr. Smoot, while the building of the church was largely assisted by his family. In politics he was a Republican. He belonged to no secret societies. He was always a friend to the aspiring young and assisted many such to a foothold on life's business.

He organized the First National Bank of Newburg and from its organiza- tion was the president to the close of his life. He was a liberal friend of the schools, and when each of his children had completed the town school term he sent them away to higher educational institutions. James Reason Smoot died in , at his home in Newburg, having lived a life of deeds rather than words and leaving an enviable record of many years of usefulness and honor. He was born March 23, , in Newburg, Preston county, West Vir- ginia, being the only surviving son born to this union one brother, John, having died in infancy.

His preparatory education was received in the public schools of his native town, followed by three years in school at Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan. Charles Howard Smoot was a keen student but had time for the social organizations of school, his interest centering in the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity as a member. After securing an education he joined his father in the mercantile busi- ness, where for nine years he was the junior member of the firm of James R. In he located in Webster county. West Virginia, to engage in the lumber industry owned by Pkeston County, West Virginia his father and himsdf.

Having for this purpose gone to virgin timber lands, Mr. Smoot, our subject, was following in the footsteps of his ancestors as a pioneer; and for the convenience of t'he colony which he founded a post office was established and named Prestonia, honoring Preston county, from whence employer and employees eame — the latter having been likewise engaged by Mr. Smoot on his mills in Preston county. At this post office Mr. In , the firm, of C. Smoot's plan of lumber manufacturing has been along lines of conservation, as he has with few exceptions, and always where practic- a,ble, bought the land with his timjber property and has cared for the unmarketable small trees; also has developed farming and grazing where the timber has been removed.

In the year , Mr. James Reason Smoot, the senior member of C. Smoot is one of the charter members of the Lanes Bottom Bank, at Lanes Bottom, Webster county, one mile north of Allingdale, being its first vice-president and for several years past and at present, the president of this thriving institution.

Politically, Mr. Smoot is a Republican, and was once elected mayor of Newburg but did not qualify, preferring to remain a private citizen — always strongly upholding the government. He is an official member of the Methodist Protestant Church at Newburg, and while living there was twice a delegate to the general conference of that denomination. He is quiet, unassuming and reserved in his manner; relishes society in general, fbut chooses few close friends. Smoot married, June 12, , at the home of her parents in New- burg, Alice L. See Paul IV.

This daughter and son attend the pubHc schools of Fairmont. Smoot purchased in Fairmont, W. Alice L. Her birthplace, Newbury, Preston county. She completed the course of study in the graded schools of Newlburg, also that of the Fairmont State Normal School, graduating from the latter on her seventeenth birth- day.

For five consecutive years thereafter she taught in the graded schools of her home town, during which time she served one year on the teachers' examining board of Preston county, in association with the late W. Squires, then county superintendent of free schools, and Professor Frank B. Trotter, now of the West Virginia University faculty. She refused to be considered a candiduate for a second term.

This is the only instance of a woman's serving on the teachers' exam- ining board of Preston county. In she was appointed postmistress at Newburg, then the largest post office in Preston county. Miss Paul's now Mrs. Smoot's campaign for this office created unusual interest. The tact with which she treated political opposition exhibited qualifications generally admired and approved. She has letters of ap- proval and appreciation from many who were in those days leading politicians in both parties throughout the state.

Mrs, Smoot is an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, being the Regent of the chapter at Fairmont. Smoot has followed the religious faith of her maternal ancestry, who were for four generations identified with the Scotch Presbyterian Church. She has made extensive research in original sources for data concerning the Smoot and Paul families and has established much in- formation concerning these and allied families, among the latter being the 'Howard, Haines and Thompson families of the Smoot line, and the Miller, Snider and Hunt families of the Paul line — Preston pioneer families Avhose generations helped lay the foundation of this United States government and have helped preserve it.

These inter- married with the Thompson, Billingslea, Brewer, McGee and Wilkins families and comprised a citizenship prdfitable and honorable to their locality, that of southwestern Pennsylvania and northwestern Virginia. He and his wife, his son, John, Jr. Howard H : John Howard, Jr.

He served as delegate to the first and second conventions which met at Wheeling to form the new state of West Virginia. It was Mr. John Howard, Jr. Lyons, 3 Mrs. Several of these sons were in the Union army of the Civil War, making records as good soldiers ; afterward steadfast Christian citizens whose children are numerous and widely distributed throughout the United States. James Thompson was a shoemaker by trade and a local preacher. He preached to the Indians and was so friendly toward them that it was scarcely necessary for him to go to the fort in time of Indian raids, and when he did go, it was by the advice of friendly Indians.

Within a few nods of this graveyard was located a fort, unsed 'by the settlers in James Thompson's time for protection from the Indians. This historic farm has been continually owned by descendants of James Thompson until May, , when Mrs. Descendants of these live in Morgantown and Clarksburg, while others are in Ohio, Illinois and other states. Will S. Thompson, the music composer, among the number; also John G. Thompson of Columbus, Ohio, an editor of a Democratic newspaper of much influ- ence in his day.

Virginia S. Hodge, Euclid Airnne, Cleveland. There has been a minister of the Gospel in each generation. The present gen- eration being represented by Rev. The church building there now was built in recent years. Amos G. Being a preacher in the M. Church to , and one of the earliest district superintendents, or officiating elders during while the territory of what is now West Virginia was in the Baltimore Conference, and his travel in in- terest of the church embraced Northwestern Virginia from the Eastern boundary to the Ohio river and from Pittsburgh to "Little Levels," in Greenlbrier county.

Daniel 'brother of Amos G. Daniel Thompson is buried in the Sanders graveyard at Maidsville, Monongalia county, his gravestone stating his death in His widow married a Mr. See Howard, H. Four generations of the Paul family have resided in Preston county, so that now though none of them live within its boundary, property that has been owned by the families of these generations for more than a hundred years is still owned at Newburg by the fourth generation, and a history of Preston county would not be complete without mention of this, one of the pioneer families.

Paul I: Nicholas Paul, the founder of this branch of the Paul family was a native of Germany and came to Pennsylvania in when 21 years of age. He was a resident of Northampton county for several years after the Revolutionary War. Paul II: Jacob Paul, son of Nicholas and Barbara Paul was born in Northampton county, Pennsylvania, April 18, , according to his birth certificate, now in possession of his great-granddaughter, Mrs. Smoot See Smoot IV.

Descendants of these live in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma. His parents had come from Pennsylvania about , and settled there. Later they located near Evansville on the old Northwestern turnpike, and owned land there. Miss Jean Ayers, who married first an Anderson then a Hunt. In times of peace Captain Paul followed his trade as mill- wright — he being an expert mechanic, built mills, bridges and fine residences.

At one time he was in the lum'ber manufacturing business with James Reason Smoot, at Newburg. He was exact and accurate in his business methods, having inherited from his father Jacob Paul, that bookkeeping accompanies all good business, as is evidenced by the daily account books of Jacob Paul which are in the hands of his descendants. Captain Paul's home near the suburbs of Newburg was a model modern residence surrounded by garden, orchard and yard, and Preston County, West Virginia hospitality within — dispensed by his wife, Jane, who delighted not only in the neatness of her yard and garden with beautiful flowers, fruit and vegetables, but in skillfully preparing and serving the same.

She was noted as a good cook and homekeeper, and was a diligent Bible reader, being of the old school Baptist in belief. Died April 2, Captain Paul quit his trade about and entered into mer- chandising in his store building ibuilt for this purpose on Market street in Newburg.

About this time and for several years afterward he was justice of the peace. The last few years of his life were spent in retirement fro mbusiness. He is buried in the Odd Fellows' cemetery at Newlburg beside his wife whose burial there eleven years before was the 'first in that burying ground, though grave- stones there show earlier dates, through having been removed from other iburial places.

West Virginia. He received a good practical education in the schools of his neighborhood, and in preference to a continued course of study as offered him at the West Virginia University by his father, he married, May 15, , Miss Bithiah McCool, daughter of Muir and Margaret MdCool See McCool. John Emory Paul began his business career as apprentice to his father in the carpenter's trade, which he mastered and practiced skillfully, not only in his home terri- tory, as he was called to build in other localities. In he joined his father in the merchandising firm of Paul and Company, on Market street in Newburg.

During these years he was clerk of the town council of Newburg and was once Mayor of that town. His ability as an accountant engaged him as secretary to a coal company in Mounds- ville. West Virginia, in , and since then he has continued as account- ant and secretary in coal propositions — notably with the Department of Mines and Mining of the State of West Virginia, and as partner and secretary of different mining insurance companies. For several years Mr.

Paul have lived in Charleston, where they are both members of the Kanawha Presbyterian Church. Paul is a Mason. John Emory Paul are Alice L. See Paul V. Smith died in , leaving his wife and one son, George Wetheral, Jr. William Emory, the fourth and youngest son of Mr. Paul, was born August 12, He attended the free schools in Nemburg, his native town, also in Mounds- ville, Fairmont and Charleston, West Virginia.

He attended the West Virginia University for three years, and then associated himself with his ibrother-in-law, Mr. He belongs to the Masonic lodge. William E. Paul is a graduate of Baltimore College of Dental Surgery — the class of Paul V. Here he was when the mining laws of West Virginia required a chie fmine inspector over the several district inspectors, and Governor Atkinson appointed James W. Paul in , as chief to oversee the practice of the State mining laws as applied to this growing industry of the iState. Paul proved himself to be the right man in the right place — physically capable, well educated, energetic and ambitious for the welfare of the thousand people of West Virginia then depending upon the coal industry for a livelihood, and zealous for the promotion of the develop- ment of mining in the State.

Paul resided in Charleston during the twelve years that he remained Chief Mine Inspector for West Virginia, and during that time 'filled many posts of trust and honor, some of which were Vice- President of the West Virginia Society of Civil Engineers; a director of the West Virginia Historical and Antiquarian Society. During the Spanish-American War he offered his services, but when his application for appointment was presented with others for the Governor's signature the Governor said: "We can not spare this man, we need him in West Virginia.

Paul rendered each of the twelve years of his administration constituted a valuable contribution to the State's industrial history. He has occasionally contributed to the leading mining publications, notably "Mines and Minerals," and the "Engineering and Mining Journal. When that dreadful mine explosion occurred a tMonongah in the Fairmont mining region, December 6, , resulting in the loss of lives and much valuable property, it was he, who through his official capacity conducted the examination of the exploded mine, for the cause of explosion, accompanied by other men of experience among whom were representatives of the Federal Government.

When this investigation continued from day to day and Mr. Paul with untiring faithfulness conducted the work of rescue and investigation, these Gov- ernment officials were profuse in their praise of his methods and knowledge, and told him that while West Virginia was fortunate in having his services, the Federal Government had a larger field waiting for the man who could attempt its requirements, and that in their judgment he could — that they wanted him to be the head of the new Federal mine-rescue work, which was about to be established with headquarters at Pittsburgh..

This bureau was established in He has at the instance of the Government traveled through all the states of the Union where mines are operated, exchanging ideas, giving and receiving, for the betterment of the conditions for the safe operation of mines, and how to best rescue those unfortunate's who happen to be in a mine at time of expjlosions. He has also traveled abroad to all mining sections of Europe to get practical and scientific knowledge to apply in American mines. And since the citizens of any community are entitled to the credit for the civic influence which has contributed to the making of an honorable calling of a son pi their native heath, Newburg is doubly fortunate as being the location of one oi West Virginia's wealth producing mining plants, and the birthplace of a boy who though never a mine laborer, saw his life's work in the "Black Diamond" industry as a scientist.

Their children are James, Jr. Paul reside. He was taken captive at Fort Washington. The latter was born February 21, In Henry Miller, Sr. His daughters married respectively, into the Albright, Hartman, Paul, Hatfield, Posten, Wolf, Bishop and Barlbour families of York county, Pennsylvania, and all afterward lived in Monongalia county, near or at Crab Orchard settlement now Preston county, and were among the substantial famalies of that neighborhood whose descendants today are among the leading citizens of Preston county.

Alice Paul Smoot of this sketch. Among Preston county's earliest settlers a colony at Sand Ridge was comPosed of earnest, industrious families, the Orrs.

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There they had their meeting house and burial ground for several years. These Sniders were Henry Snider, Sr. They came from Fauquier county, Virginia, about Henry Snider, Sr. Henry Snider, Jr. Paul see Paul HL. From Scotland came a family which after a few years' residence intermarried with a German family.

He was a weaver, owning many hand looms. This home consisted of the mother and father and twelve children, the eldest of whom', Margaret, was married to Muir McCool, , '" Scotland. They same to America in , bringing their two infant daughters, Bithiah and Margaret. They settled near Frostburg, Maryland, and immediately Mr. McCool made application for citizenship papers, which in due time were granted him. Their son, John Henry, was 'born in He returned home during the Civil War and bought a farm between New- burg and Independence, where he spent the remainder of his days.

He and his wife Margaret are buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery at New- burg. The ancestors of Muir and Margaret McCool were Covenanters who had "signed the covenant witth their bloor. He and his wife were members of the Presby- terian Church — she being a woman with a rare and brilliant mind, could quote large portions of the Bible and sing the Psalms. Margaret married Mr. John P. Kelly of Scotland, at Newiburg, in He died Margaret McCool Kelly is popular in her home town of Newburg, where by her fund of general knowledge' and her affable manner she is a leader among her associates.

Their children are Howard and Martha. The Fairfaxes were stout and valiant Saxons, blond, fair-haired, blue- eyed, stocky built people who settled in Yorkshire in the good old fighting days of England. The first Lord Fairfax was knighted for gallantry at the siege of Rouen. In his youth he had been a captain of troopers in the Low Countries. He died in , eighty years of age. The old peer left many children, among them Ferdinando, the second Lord Fairfax, who became Parliamentary leader in the Civil War under King Charles and commanded the right of the line of battle at Marston Moor.

He married a daughter of Lord Sheffield. Milton referred to him in one of his poems as "Fairfax whose name in arms through Europe rings, filling each mouth with envy or with praise. His daughter married the profligate Duke of Buck- ingham. This great soldier resigned command of the army rather than invade Scotland. Through his mother, who was a daughter of Lord Cul- pepper, he inherited about one-fourth of Virginia. He came over to the Virginia wilderness to see his estate and was so enraptured with the beauty of the scenery and the fine hunting that he decided to locate here and did, erecting a fine home called Greenway Court, about eight miles from where Winchester.

Virginia, now stands. He came over in and died in , in the 91st year of his age'. Probably forty years before Lord Thomas Fairfax came to Virginia, another member of the family, John Fairfax, came over and located in Charles county, in the Province of Maryland. In , nine years before Baltimore was incorporated, Mary Scott Fairfax dis- posed of her parental estate on Elk Ridge, now Baltimore.

John Fair- fax H died in They had two sons and three' daughters. By this union he had two sons and three daughters. In , he disposed of his Maryland property and crossing the Potomac located at Occoquan, Prince William county, Virginia, and died there in John Fairfax, the third son of William Fairfax, and the first by his second wife, was the first of this line to become a Virginian.

In , just after resigning the command of the Revolutionary army, General George Washington sent across to Maryland for young John Fairfax and offered him the position of assistant to Lund Washington, the General's nephew, in the management of his extensive properties, consisting of 55, acres of land.

As John Fairfax was born December 10, , he was not yet twenty years of age when he accepted this important position. Within two years Lund Washington resigned to accept a public office, and John Fairfax succeeded him as superintendent of Mt. Vernon and all General Washington's property. D -TIONS Preston County, West Virginia an extensive tract of land in the Monongalia Glades and located in what is now Preston county, about one mile south of where Reedsville now stands and near Arthurdale, where he erected what was considered a fine house in that day and age, a large two-story log house with a big porch in front and rear, and slave quarters built in a semicircle back from' the mansion house.

She was born in , and married John Fairfax in , and died July 22, , aged 33 years. To this union was born George William, in William, the second son, was born July 31, , and died in Missouri: Buckner, the third son, was born March 2i2, , and died March 30, , at Cranberry Summit, now Terra Alta. The fourth son, John, Jr. He was killed in a steamboat explosion on the Mississippi River.

The only daughter by this marriage was Mary Byrne, born May 29, She married Aquila Martin and died April 24, , aged nearly 30 years. Isaac Parsons Martin of Kingwood is a grandson of this marriage. She was born November 11, , and died September 18, , aged 77 years ID months and 7 days. Her first husband was a cousin named Franklin, and by him she had two daughters, Harriet and Julia.

Several children of this union attained prominence, among them Alpheus Haymond, who served twelve years as Judge of the Supreme Court of this state. Julia married Major William B. Zinn, one of the most prominent men of Preston county. They had no children and lived and died at what is now known as Brown's Mills, two miles south of Reedsville. In , Governor Brook of Virginia appointed John Fairfax a justice of the peace and later he became presiding justice, the first for the county.

Three times he was elected to the House of Delegates of Vir- ginia, and served as sheriff of the county, and several years as colonel of the th Regiment of Virginia troops. Throughout his manhood Preston County, West Virginia he served in positions of trust and responsibility with honor to himself and credit to his country. Colonel Fairfax was a man of fine personal appearance, over six feet in height, blue eyes, fair complexion and dark hair.

This was between and 5. In he began the erection of a fine dressed stone residence, since known as Fairfax Manor. Before the house was completed it was occupied by Buckner and William, and it was many years before the work was finished. William K. Hall had the contract for the carpenter work and Hezekiah Pell was an overseer on the building. Both these men were prominent in the early history of this section.

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Most of the rough work on Fairfax Manor was handled by the slaves of Colonel Fairfax, as he had about thirty negroes. This residence is probably the most historic in the county and was the scene of many brilliant assemblages in ante-bellum days. At his death Colonel Fairfax willed it to his daughter, Elizabeth, who lived there until her death, on February 2, After her death without issue or will, the property was sold and purchased by William G. Brown of Kingwood, member of Congress for the Second district. He added to it and made extensive improvements to the place. Colonel Fairfax moved to this property and died there on Christmas night, He had retired as usual with his wife, and Hattie, a little three-year-old granddaughter, was sleeping with them.

This child was raised by her grandmother, as her mother died when she was a little over a year old. She was a daughter of F. Fairfax and mother of the writer of this sketch. Along in the night his wife woke 'up the little girl and said, "Hattie, your grandpa is gone"" The child felt over to him and said, "'No, he is not, grandma, he is here"" Like a sage and philosopher, he had wrapped the drapery of his couch about him and passed away peacefully and quietly in his sleep.

Of the children of Colonel Fairfax, Buckner acquired the most prominence. He was born in Valley district at the old home, and named for his maternal grandfather's family.

He represented Preston county in the Virginia Assembly in and in and in 1. He was a justice of the peace many years and member of the County Court. She died on the birth of her first child, Isaac Parsons Martin of King- wood. She lost him and several children by him, and then married Charles W. Both lie buried in the Kingwood cemietery. Two children survive this marriage : Florence, the wife of Felix Elliott, cashier of the Bank of Kingwood, and Rupert, still single. Scott of Terra Alta, is the youngest. He served as Colonel of the th Regiment of Virginia Militia ; deputy sheriff several times; member of the Legislature of Virginia in and and in ; president board of directors of the Asylum for Insane at Weston.

He died Januaiy 24, , and lies buried in the Terra Alta cemetery. In his later years he moved to Terra Alta and died there March 30, , and is buried in the cemetery there. Colonel John Fairfax's sons by his second wife, Franklin and George Washington named for the "Father of his Country" , both became prominent and were commissioned colonels in the military service of Virginia.

The latter was a daughter of John P. Maryland, who were married April 16, The daughter was born March i, , and was twin to Allen W. The sister died November 29, , aged 34 years, 8 months and 29 days. Colonel F. To this union was born a son, March 8, , named John Philpot. It was dead born or only lived a short time. April 27, , twin daughters were born, and named: Sarah Virginia, who died May loth, aged 14 days, and Elizabeth Ann Loid, who grew up and was married to Henry Marshall Grimes, September 22, , by Rev. July 4, , another daughter was born to Colonel F. Fairfax and named Harriet Virginia Caroline.

She was married to Charles Mercer Brown on February 22, No- vember 19, , the widow married Charles R. Wolfe of Kingwood. December 27, , Mrs. Morgan died and is buried in the Kingwood cemetery by the side of her aunt Elizabeth, the daughter of Colonel John Fairfax by his second wife. Mary E.

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Gar- rett Fairfax died November 29, , aged 34 years, 8 months and 29 days. Daniel Fortney. The second wife was born Novemiber 26, , and died July 22, , in her 86th year. September 2, , a daughter was born to this union and named Frances Henrietta. She died September 20th, aged 18 days. Olivia Elvira was born October 25, , and is single and living near Reedsville at the old home.

Marianna Josephine, born Fe'bruary 18, , died July 5, Francis Robert Henson, born December 22, , died October 29, Julia Vandelia, born April 28, , and married to Clark J. Bayles, March 18, , by the Rev. David Rogers, is living on the old homestead near Reedsville.

Rebecca Kate, born June 4, , married Dr. John D. Hall, October 18, They had one child, Walter Eustace, who died in Kingwood, April 17, , of scarlet fever, and is buried in the Kingwood cemetery. They moved to Indiana, where the doctor died, and the widow is living at the old homestead near Reedsville. Helen Bell, born June 12, , died of typhoid fever November 4, Martha Louisa, born May 27, , married Joseph W. Keep in mind that your essay truly powerful, but descriptive and educational.

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