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Ambrose: Civil War Journey

Burnside was born in Liberty, Indiana , on May 23, The son of a court clerk and farmer, Burnside spent his youth working as a tailor before his father helped secure him an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point in Burnside was successful in his studies but struggled to adjust to the strict nature of military life and was nearly dismissed after accumulating several demerits.

Despite this, his academic record saw him finish 18th out of 38 in his class in Burnside was commissioned as an artillery officer, and his unit served on garrison duty during the Mexican-American War He next served on the western frontier and was wounded in the neck by an arrow during fighting against the Apache in During this time he met and wed Mary Richmond Bishop, a local woman from Providence. Burnside resigned from the army in and began designing a new kind of breech-loading carbine rifle—an idea he had developed during his time on the frontier.

Despite this, the gun would later find widespread use as a cavalry weapon during the Civil War. Burnside next served as a general in the Rhode Island militia, and then as a treasurer for the Illinois Central Railroad, which was operated by his former West Point classmate and friend George McClellan. Burnside helped organize a regiment of Rhode Island militiamen at the start of the Civil War in , and his unit was one of the first to arrive in Washington , D.

Burnside served in the early Union defeat at the First Battle of Bull Run Manassas as a colonel, and was promoted to brigadier general of volunteers shortly thereafter. In September Burnside was placed in charge of an expeditionary force in North Carolina , and for the next several months he oversaw a series of raids and amphibious attacks on the southern coastline. Burnside claimed Roanoke Island and the town of New Bern, North Carolina, with relative ease, and his campaign helped establish a long-lasting base of operations for the Union blockade of the Atlantic coast.

Retreat From Gettysburg (American Civil War Documentary) - Timeline

During this time Burnside—known as an exceedingly modest man—twice turned down an opportunity to succeed McClellan as head of Union forces. In November Burnside was ordered to take charge of the Army of the Potomac after McClellan was relieved from duty. He reluctantly accepted and immediately ordered a bold advance toward the Confederate capital of Richmond.

Other Essays On A Critical Look Into "Citizen Soldiers" By Stephen E. Ambrose

Lee to assemble his Army of Northern Virginia outside the town of Fredericksburg. Burnside attempted to rally his demoralized army for a second offensive, but the plan—later known as the Mud March—was thwarted by heavy rains and failed to materialize. Believing that his officers had been insubordinate during the campaign, Burnside asked Lincoln to either relieve several generals from duty or accept his resignation.

Lincoln chose to remove Burnside from command, replacing him with General Joseph Hooker in January Burnside was subsequently assigned to command of the Department of the Ohio in March The area was known for harboring antiwar sentiment, and Burnside caused a minor controversy when he arrested a politician named Clement Vallandigham on charges of sedition. Burnside next participated in the Knoxville Campaign in the fall of He outmaneuvered Confederate General James Longstreet and was able to successfully hold the city of Knoxville, Tennessee , until he was reinforced by General William T.

Companion EDSITEment lesson The Red Badge of Courage : A New Kind of Realism focuses on the altered point of view and stylistic innovations Crane used to create a heightened sense of realism and that sets the work apart from war stories written as tributes or propaganda.

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Ambrose Bierce enlisted in the Union Army at the impressionable age of nineteen. The Civil War cast a long shadow over his life and work, shaping him into the writer he would become, and spawning his fascination with the supernatural. Bierce evolved into a Master of Macabre and though he became most widely known for his ghost stories, his war tales are considered by some critics to be the best writing on the Civil War. Paul Revere's Ride in History and Literature suggests there may be alternative ways to interpret this poem, published in , when the country was on the brink of the Civil War.

Students are asked to consider questions such as: was Longfellow calling up that earlier revolutionary symbol in an effort to renew national unity?

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If so, does this poem include references to the abolition of slavery? Slave Narratives: Constructing U.

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  • History through Analyzing Primary Sources allows students to sample the individual experiences of former slaves. Brown, An American Slave from several perspectives: historical record, work of literature, political rhetoric, and autobiography, and asks students to grapple with the prejudices of readers then and now.

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    Full-class discussion should reveal the power of oral histories as well as the many factors that make up their limitations.