Verschwörung gegen Baron Wildenstein (Tatort Mittelalter) (German Edition)

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Valentina Terracciano, just two, was killed in , in gun crossfire which raked a flower shop in Pollena Trocchia, near Naples. The store belonged to her uncle, the real target. Annalisa Durante, 14, was a bystander used as a human shield in a clash between two rival Naples clans in She was shot in the back of the head and died days later. Many will bear children who will be killed. But for now they are just little girls in black.

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They weep for a friend. The ringing in the coffin is the new requiem. No one answers. The Camorra is also blamed for an epidemic of child cancer deaths after they illegally dumped thousands of tonnes of toxic chemicals near homes. The nearby town of Acerra has 12 times the national average of brain tumours in youngsters. It should be no surprise that these hardened thugs care little if they take out tiny tots as well as their targets. The rest they invest elsewhere. They have good friends everywhere. The Forza Italia party, led by disgraced ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi, is accused of trying to block a law aimed at stopping the mob selling votes to corrupt politicians.

Such power means the clans will eliminate all witnesses to crime — including young children. Those who know the Mafia best are not shocked by the spate of child deaths. By Tom Parry. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice.

Follow DailyMirror. Subscribe to our Daily news newsletter Privacy notice Enter email Subscribe. News all Most Read Most Recent. Fashion Victim Shopper slams PrettyLittleThing after different sized bralets turn up 'identical' Jess Armstrong bought the black Rhoda bralet in size eight and ten. Greggs Centenarian who thanks sausage rolls for long life gets surprise Greggs birthday Grandmother of three and great gran-of-two Mary Emerson has been making them most of her life - but also likes to nip into bakery chain Greggs to get her fix.

Top Stories. Specsavers "A light unexpectedly turned off in my life": Devastated husband of woman killed after car crashed into Specsavers pays heartbreaking tribute. Crime Woman wakes up naked and confused in hotel room next to man she never met before Emily Hunt was filmed while she was naked and unconscious by a man she has no memory of meeting. I left my report card at school. Just thinking about the dentist gives me the heebie-jeebies.

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What a heel! He left is wife and kids for the circus. Spot isn't a purebred; he's just a heinz. There was a heist at the bank today. That movie was hella cool. Who is buried in Grant's tomb? That cat is hep to all the dives with cool jazz. Nathan is the hep cat who took me to Birdland for the first time. That hero tried to lift pounds. Patsy is dating some hick who wears a straw hat. They must have at least petted last night; she cam to work today with a hickey on her neck.

He does everything higgledy-piggledy. He was expelled for getting high. I was so high I could only count 9 fingers on my hands. Homer got the high-five from some skank down the block. They gave each other a high-five after winning the sack race. Jan and Jo-Jo high-fived each other when they won the sack race. When I asked her out, she high-hatted me and walked away. Amanda Lynn has been a little high-strung since her instrument cracked when she left it in the car.

Thomas was just highsiding when he said he was getting a new car. Thomas is a complete highsider. What sort of hijinks have you kids been up to? Willy Earl tells everyone he is in computing but he is just a hillbilly who works in the stockroom of a computer warehouse. Riding so fast in a car driven by a knucklehead left Clara a little hinky.

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The car got hinky and Chad had to put in a new radiator. Don't worry, Nelson is hip to all that's going on these days. He is such a hip-shooter his foot spends more time in his mouth than in its shoe. Stacy Olde is an old hippie who never grew up. He was a cool hipster you saw in all the jazz joints back in the 40s. She threw a hissy when she saw him with another girl.

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I don't have any idea where my old boyfriend is. He's history. The mob made another hit last night. The mob ordered hits on the heads of the opposing gang. Your proposal was a hit with the boss. He was hit by the mob for blabbing. Olga hired a hit man to off her husband but her contact turned out to be a police officer. If I'm not at home when you call, hit me on the hip. We lost last night because our star player was not hitting on all sixes.

Cut the gabbing; it's time to hit the books. Man, it's 11 o'clock; time for us to hit the road. Is it 11 o'clock already? Time for me to hit the sack. Did you hear? Buffy and Lance got hitched last night. Hardy Spender went into hock to buy that new car of his. Billy hocked his guitar to get his watch out of hock.

Hermione came up with some hocus-pocus to make her books show a profit. Look at him hotdogging for the hodads on the beach. All that bragging about how much money he has is pure hogwash. Let me hold 5 bucks; you know I will pay you back. Don't go now; hold on a second. He ended up in the hoosegow for holding up a stage coach. Hold your horses! We have plenty of time. I had to hole up for three days because the police were looking for me. That chickenhead was trying to holler at my man. Holy mackerel! We won the lottery! Holy moly! I just won the jackpot! Harry's my home skillet.

Ben's my home slice. All the homeys were waiting for me when I got home from school. The honcho says that we are going to have to give up two days of our vacation. Who is the head honcho around here? There were a lot of honeys at the bar last night.

We're going over to my crib and honk around. Lance Sterling has a honkin big condo in Scranton.

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Why all the hoo-ha over calling my secretary "Sweetie-pie"? Check out my partner in his hoo-ride. Where did you get this rotgut hooch? I saw you and your cutie hooching it up in the car. She's just a hoochie without a clue.

Those hoods stole our hubcaps. Meet me in the hood tonight. It is a nice neighborhood except for a couple of hoods who live down the block. It's cold; have you got an extra hoodie I can borrow. I don't mess with that hoodrat ; she's dangerous. All that stuff about inheriting a million dollars is just a lot of hooey. He's dating some hoofer at Radio City Hall. They say Zelda is hooked on heroine. He hooked a book on criminal justice and it turned his life around. I think Melvin is hooked on Gwendolyn; I saw her wearing his Yankees cap this morning.

Wow, Millie! Those new jeans are off the hook! After the party, she hooked up with Spongy and they went to a drive-in. Maynard played hookey from school today and missed the quiz. Maynard played hooky from school today and missed the quiz. Hey, man, let's go shoot some hoops after school. That old hoopty of Jules can't make it home. Fred got a promotion and a big raise! You got a dollar tip? Well, hoopty-doo! I just won the lottery! You had better be careful that you don't end up in the hoosegow. Wasn't that party last night a hoot , though? I'm invincible! I have hooyah power!

His wheels are faster since he hopped up the engine and installed dual glasspacks. Some hop-head mugged me in the park. Don't ever come in here again when you are hopped-up. Look at that guy jump; he has hops. I drank so much, I horked on my shoes. Don't just hork it down; savor it! Lester will talk to you later; he's on the horn with Rochelle right now. I've been hornswoggled! This isn't an original Picasso! I haven't been horny since I started taking that antidepressant. Reilly is a horse ; you had better fix him a big dinner.

I don't have time to horse around; let's get down to business. Horse feathers! You never dated Clara Bow! If my parents find out about this, I'm hosed.

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I got really hosed last night at the party. That girl is hot! The police stopped them because they thought the car was hot. I like my jazz hot , not cool.