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John Locke follows this argument for separating the legislative and executive power with an argument for combining the executive and foreign policy power in the same agent. The executive power and foreign policy power differ because, by the idiosyncratic nature of interactions with foreign powers, it is hard to constrain the foreign policy power by legislation to the same extent that the executive power can be constrained by legislation.

Along the way, John Locke gives a nice description of foreign policy from a philosophical point of view:.

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Hence it is, that the controversies that happen between any man of the society with those that are out of it, are managed by the public; and an injury done to a member of their body, engages the whole in the reparation of it. So that under this consideration, the whole community is one body in the state of nature, in respect of all other states or persons out of its community.

So the thing be understood, I am indifferent as to the name. For links to other John Locke posts, see these John Locke aggregator posts:.

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The government in Spain with the legislative judiciary and executive powers

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The government in Greece with executive and legislative power

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Framework 2. Delegation 3. Appropriation and Spending C. Executive power 1. Aspects of Inherent Executive Power 3.

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